Cornerstone Foundation System, LLC

Best Foundation Known to Man


Cornerstone Foundation System is a unique quality foundation.  To fully appreciate the benefits of this better foundation, you have only to compare it to what is being built by others.  All other products do not support the rim joist continuously and also leave a unsecured gap at the top or bottom of the perimeter enclosure.  Because of this, they are called skirting and are mostly cosmetic.  Cornerstone Foundation System has closed the gap to provide a rodent proof foundation wall.  After designing, testing, patent pending, and years of market testing; a better quality foundation is now available throughout the western states.  Smart Foundation RB-54 is a pre-cast concrete panel that bolts tightly to the bottom of your home and securely fastens to the footing.  The unique design provides a stem wall construction support at an affordable price.


These are the combined features that Cornerstone Foundation offers that no other foundation can provide:

          Continuous support for the outside wall of your home

          A foundation that bolts securely to the home

          Vertical pressure tested and approved for soil backfill

          Provides horizontal and vertical support exceeding HUD permanent foundation requirements

          Rigid connection to footing reduces vibrations in home

          Cornerstone Foundation closes the gap to vermin proof your home

          Exterior doors are more apt to stay square

          Less movement and fewer cracks in sheet rock

          Meets seismic design category D1

          Permanent foundation classification for HUD & California



Additional reasons to have a foundation rather than skirting:


Lower rates on financing              Lower Insurance Rates

Higher resale value                     Pride of ownership in a quality product